Matching prints to screen

I have a problem that I have not been able to solve for quite a long time. Probably something simple that I am overlooking. This cropped up a while ago, and obviously destroys any enjoyment of printing.

I am using PS CC 2017. Mac os 10.12.6.
Good monitor, careful display calibration, but these are not an issue here.

I have PS Color settings I am set up with Gamma 2.2 on Gray. Engine is Adobe (ACE), Intent perceptual or relative (doesn’t seem to make any difference).

Files are 16 bit, Grayscale. (screen grab below is actually RGB, 8 bit).

I simply can’t get a decent match of my files on screen in PS and Print tool. My prints are quite a bit closer to Print tool. The manual for PPE mentions how the process should produce a good match between display and print - but I don’t have agreement on the display.

I added a few small patches across part of an image I am trying to print. I pulled up the file in PS and in Print tool, did a screen grab. Then I pulled the grab back into PS.

Using the eyedropper, I measure the expected values of 100,95,94,93.92,91,100 in the “PS” side of the grabbed image. But I get 100,96,95,95,94,93,100 on the Print tool side.

My deep blacks look like mush in the print - but pretty well proofed by Print tool.

Any ideas?



I should add that the assigned profile is gamma 2.2.

I tried playing with the Monitor RGB vs sRGB in the proof setup menu. It does seem to have some effect, but no combination seems to help the match much.

Let me ask the primary questions again, more directly.

If I call up a file in PS CC or Print Tool, embedded 2.2 Gamma (say all softproofing off everywhere) I expect to see the same thing in both programs if everything is set up correctly. Is this not a correct assumption?

If there is a difference, surely this depends on how PS is set up in the color settings etc. , as print tool does not have any way to change the displayed image outside of the softproofing (which we are assuming is off). What are the color configuration settings in PS that might affect the display?

I am frustrated because I get a nice image in PS. It does not look the same (contrast etc) when I load in Print tool. In the earlier post I measured a screen capture image of the same file displayed side by side in the two programs. The test image has squares with specific values. The patches measure differently across programs.

Ultimately. the resulting print looks quite a bit more like the display image in Print tool. It is a royal pain to tweak in PS, then have to load in Print Tool to see what effect there might be in the print.

You are forgetting one step. Soft Proofing for Linear. This is installed in your system by default after installing Community Edition but you can also download and install and read all about how to do it on our sister site here (follow STEP 8 on that page)


Thanks Walker! I am not clear on what you mean by “Softproofing for Linear”. (Its the linear part) I am assuming you mean this part (below) rather than the usual icc profiling. I am unclear what you are referring to when you say "this is installed in your system’. The docs, Icc profiles, or something else?

  1. Optional Super-Fancy Linear Photoshop Expert Option: With Piezography we give you the option of printing your image in “linear mode” which opens your shadows more. If you want us to print in this way, soft proof by turning on “Preserve RGB Numbers” and keep the simulate black ink off. This will dramatically decrease your shadow contrast but then you can simply add a curve to dial the shadows down to exactly where you want them. Then request “Linear Expert Mode” from us when you order a print and this will perfectly match the condition you soft proof on your monitor. It takes more work to do it this way but sometimes that is worth it. This option is not available in any other application.

When Cone editions gets such a request, is the print just printed without any icc profiles applied? Understanding this might clarify things.

I fiddled around with this some. Turning on RGB results in mainly a lighter looking image. What should I be choosing here in the pulldown where you would normally choose the icc profile? Display, adobe RGB, my profile made from the tools?

Finally, where does Printtool come in. For Piezography are you only using it for the printing calibration targets?

Thanks for the help!

yes. And also this is the standard workflow for Piezography. So right now your system is opening your shadows up beyond what your monitor is showing by default (thus the mush).

Piezography Matte or any of the Piezography matte paper profiles in the list. Turning “Preserve RGB Numbers” on is key.

This is for printing. Selected “No Color Management” prints linear.

Thanks Walker!! This helped immensely.