Matching density of existing positives

Hi Walker and others

I did post this question (in a slightly different form) before.
I though the job (and my question) had gone away, but it has now come back and I was hoping for some direction or advice…?

I am printing to a 3800 with Pro inks

I have a client who has some positives on Pictorico which were printed for her by another printer. She is now wanting me to print new (larger) positives, with similar/same density values to her existing positives. She will be using the positives to make photogravues.

She has supplied me with the existing positives as well as the image files used. She has also sent me a screenshot of the settings that the previous printer used. See attached below.

Ok can’t figure out how to load a pic, will try a separate post to load image…

but they profile used was ‘PZDN-X800-Meth3-1_6v2’ and the printer was Quad7880-K7

What would be the closest starting pointing in terms of profile for my 3800 with Pro inks?

Thanks so much


If you could get a 256 step transparency target from the original and print the same target from your setup (and if you have a densitometer) you can measure the target values and put into Target Measurements sheet, measure your values and put into Measurements sheet, (these can be density from a densitometer) and then put your PiezoDN curve in there and it will be calibrated to match her densities.

Similare to this:


Thanks Walker

The original printer is on the other side of the planet from me. And I don’t have a densitometer. So unfortunately not possible to get original printer to print target and then measure.

Can you hazard a guess as to which of the existing 3800 Pro DN curves would be the best staring place for me to try and get in the same ballpark as the original printer using ‘PZDN-X800-Meth3-1_6v2 on a Quad7880-K7’?

I also notice that the original printer was printing at 1440? I am guessing that might be a deliberate way of reducing the overall density? Am I right in saying that printing at a lower dpi will reduce density ?

thank you