master quad curve for Epson 1400 from pevious release


I would be very pleased, if someone can post a master curve for Epson 1400 from previous release of PiezoDN. I stupidly upgraded PiezoDN without saving the master curve.




The date on the 1430-PiezoDN-Master.quad from the latest update is July 12,2016, so I don’t think it has changed since then if at all. I don’t see anything in the release notes to suggest otherwise. Why do you think it has?


Hi Keith,

I have problems with my negatives. Limiter target printed with master quad looks visibly darker than the first target I printed and llimited. But according to my records, we started the conversation on 7th of August, so it looks like I’ll need to look for reasons somewhere else, or perhaps start the limiting process from the start.




Whenever making a new curve, I suggest adding the date at the end of the curve eg: “somecurve-110416.quad” This way you know when it was made when you select it in QTR.

The master curve has not changed. You will probably want to limit and linearize again. That said, double check that everything is printing ok w/ your nozzles.