Master curves for printing positives

Hi Walker
I have Piezo Pro inks in a 3800 which I am using to print negs
A client is asking me to print positives. I am looking for a positive ‘master’ curve to start with. Where would I find it? If it exists?

hmm, PPEv2 allows you to invert any curve.

What is your positive medium?


Hi Walker

Sorry for the newbie questions, have never printed positives and just trying to wrap my head around it.
My client is making photogravure prints from positive transparencies that she had made elsewhere using a different ink set. She is wanting me to try and and reproduce, as closely as possible, the densities that she has on her existing positives - but at a larger size.
So do I just invert a starting curve and then do ink limiting until we get a curve that is close?


It’s possible to do Density to Density matching with PPEv2 although it’s somewhat involved

Can she print out the target below and do you have a transmissive densitometer (not just a spectrophotometer but a densitometer)?

Your starting curve would be Hahnemühle photo rag 308 neutral curve with PK ink probably.


Hi Walker,

Thanks for this. I don’t have a densitometer so that’s not going to work (and I don’t see any attached target?) - I will start with the curve you suggest and see how close I can get using ink limits etc

Could I not, in theory, use my flatbed scanner to get rough density values from a printed target?