March 2017 Second Batch Inks Release Notice

We have completed the second batch of Piezography Pro inks and are delighted to report that the spec is literally exactly the same as the first batch. We are not going to offer a Pre-Sale on this ink and we do not know if it is going to sell out quickly. We’re just bottling it now and we expect it to our warehouse in no less than two weeks. In other words…soon!

You are our early adopters and we want to make sure that you have the supplies that you need. Therefore, I am attempting to give you an early warning (if you’ve read this far there it was!)

I am sure that many of you are getting to the bottom or low on one or more positions. So - please email Wells Smith at [email protected] or phone Wells Smith at Inkjetmall (802) 478-0800 and let Wells know exactly what you need. Many of you have done this already on your own and those who have are accounting for a fair amount of our second ink supply. Others are new customers who have been patiently waiting.

I am going to email each and every one of our early adopters through our email system and if you have not opted out, you will receive a second notice sometime today or tomorrow.

So, if you mistakenly do not re-up before we sell out. Perhaps you were traveling and reading this and your emails too late to respond, our third formulation is planned sometime in the May/June timeframe.