Malde-Ware Methodology 2, 50-50 Platinum-Palladium - solids in bottle

Some ‘solids’ on the bottom of a new 25 ml bottle.

Do I have filter it, heat it, … to remove/dissolve the ‘solids’?
If yes what’s the procedure to follow?

Thanks, again.


You can just carefully decant or draw up fluid away from it, until you reach the end of the bottle. You do not need to re-heat. If you are using a pipette - never put it to the bottom of any solution. Always just above it.
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Agree with Jon. These look like excess ammonium nitrate crystals, which may be easily decanted. There will be enough ammonium
nitrate in solution to effectively do its work as a humectant with the resulting tone-cooling effect. Hope this helps!