Malde Ware - cutting paper

I’ve purchased paper that I’ve to cut in smaller pieces. I was wondering if it’s allowed to use ‘metal’ material for this cutting process (ruler, knife, …)? I’ve understood that for the Malde Ware process you’ve to avoid any contact with materials made out of metal. If so - I’m looking for advice for tools or method to cut the paper and having ‘deckled’ paper-edges. Thanks!

We tear the paper (deckle-ish) along a straight edge. The straight edge can be metal.

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With platinum/palladium printing using a metal ruler to tear is fine, the problem is only when using scissors or a knife that creates the metal on metal contact of the scissor blades or the blade on ruler. The metal on metal contact creates tiny shaving of metal that can cause spots on prints.

Work cleanly and you will be fine regardless of the process or the cutting equipment / method. Fine metal particles embedded in or sitting on the paper can contaminate any siderotype process. It is also a good practice to use a bulb blower (not a brush) to remove any surface particles and foreign matter just before coating.

Happy printing!

Thanks! More than helpfull. Peter