Making PiezoDN Negs 5% Lighter…in order to keep indefinitely?

I have come to the point of wanting to keep my PiezoDN negs I print for future printing in my Alt-Process printing method. I have successfully made beautiful negs and prints (lots of work and worth it).

I read in order to keep PiezoDN negs longer than the immediate darkroom printing session you “need to lighten the neg/image by 5%” because of dry-down that occurs in 48 hrs after printing. Yes I did just use a PiezoDN neg that I printed 2 weeks ago and yep it is now off looking (lighter).

My question is:

What is the best procedure to ‘Lighten your image 5% in PS before printing with PiezoDN/Print Tools’, in order to keep said dig-negs for an extended time period say for a month or longer?

This seems a easy task, after getting to this point …… I would like to do it the correct way.

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Something like this,

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.41.55 PM

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Walker, Thank you!!!


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