Making move to PPE2... my own personal linearization problem

In the process of making the move to PPE2 and am starting with the old standby, Hahnemuhle PhotoRag and am quickly running into a problem. Or in the words of The Replacements “…what a mess, on the ladder of success, where you take one step and miss the whole first rung” :joy:

Couple things to note, the printer, a 3880 is running fine and makes a good print with the “out of the box” profile. Check out these two images. First is known image plus some targets.

This next is a target I print to check the separation of 256 steps. While it’s hard to see in the jpg, the standard profile works pretty damn well with my printer.

This screen capture shows the results of measuring the the 256 step target that has been printed properly with Print Tool. You can see why the standard profile makes a good print.

After following the documented steps and producing a new profile the resulting print is WAY over inked and I’m not sure why.

This is the measurements of the 256 step target.
38_HMule_PRag_08252019-0836.txt (4.0 KB)

This is the new .quad produced by PPE2.1.1.
38-Hahn_PhotoRag-Neut-2019-08-26.quad (11.8 KB)

Any ideas on where to start looking?

Couple more interesting things to note.

Here is the Curve Viewer for the standard profile.

And now the linearized profile.

LK looks to be off and a bunch of other things on.

private message me a .zip of your tool w/ the starting curve + measurements.


Moved to PM. Posted in wrong location.

Closing this one.

Pilot error. Thank you Walker “eagle eye” Blackwell!