Making icc for soft proofing error in ti3 file

Any idea as to why I get this error message when trying to use the piezography icc profiler?

«​./colprof: Error - CGATS file read error : Error in file ‘/Users/michelrobitaille/Desktop/photorag308neut.ti3’: Field ‘RGB_R’ has unexpected type, should be ‘real’, is ‘non-quoted char string’

All done! To use, drag and drop the new icc into /Library/ColorSync/Profiles.»

Michel. Don’t you have i1Profiler? I suggest using that workflow.

But please .zip and upload the ti3 so I can verify things,


Hi Walker
No I use a Spyder. (23.5 KB)

I changed the commas to periods,

try this: (23.6 KB)


That did it…
I had read an old post that actually mentioned this but wasn’t sure it applied to me…
so I basically need to have periods not commas. easy enough.
Thanks Walker