Maintenance Tank overflow


After having done one init fill with Piezo Flush and one with the Pro carts, the maintenance tank showed 80 % full but still ok. Then I had this issue with the red cast in the GCO and wanted to see whether I should reset the maintenance tank before doing another cleaning cycle. When I took the MT out, there was black ink flowing out of the printer - the tank was overfilled… I will empty the tank now. Is there any way for resetting the MT since the chip resetter for the x900 carts keeps flashing red?

Thanks, Markus


Seems like a need a chip resetter for the MT cart separately…: ACC-RESETTER-7900-WT :frowning:


yes the waste tank requires its own chip resetter. However, your tank should not have overflowed unless the previous owner reset it without changing the material inside the tank. It sounds like that from what you are saying (the overflow…)

I am obviously getting to these messages from the latest to oldest. I am beginning to wonder if your printer was ready to install the inks in it.

You must have had perfect nozzle checks or you would not have proceeded, right?

How is the flush box and capping station and wiper blade? Did you clean and prepare those as well?