LrC Color Grading Panel and PiezoPro curves in Print Tool

Hello all,

=== 6 Jan, 2024 === I revised the post for clarification; hopefully :slight_smile: .

So I was just wondering… as I still have not found a suitable way to translate a screen approximation of toning a print using PiezoPro inks to the highlight, midtone and shadows sliders within QTR. With, I think, v12 forward of Lightroom Classic the new Color Grading tool allows much finer control of toning. I wonder if there is any way to translate this information to the sliders within the 3 curves on the QTR page when printing with PiezoPro inks? Perhaps not. And then I wonder if anyone has found a way to do this: simulate toning within PS or LR and translate this to changing the highlights, midtones, and shadows sliders for the three curves within the QTR page using Print Tool.

Happy 2024 everyone!

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