low ink warning


I recently set up to print negatives using an Artisan1430 in a Mac OS (High Sierra 10.13). The printing is going well but I am getting low ink warnings when the ink is down perhaps 3 or 4 ml. This stops the printing so I’ll refill the cartridge and reinsert. Printing resumes sometimes leaving a gap in the ink on the negative. How can I get a more accurate ink level reading?



This is difficult. If this were an Epson cart you could not see the extra 3-4ml ink that is left behind when the cartridge reads “empty”. Obviously this ink is not wasted with a refill cart, but it is not accessible with the original chip read. So - it is accurate to the amount that Epson allows to be abandoned.

You might try the CISS system we sell. You can reset by pressing rather than removing and having to refill. Or you can get the optional chip resetters for your refill carts and prematurely fill them and reset the chip.

When I use refill carts, I tend to have a number of sets pre-filled and then just swap out as the empty lights come on.

Hope some of these ideas help.




I guess I was jot as clear as I should have been. I am getting the low ink warning and stoppage when I have used less than 4 ml. Thatis to say, there is approximately 10+ ml remaining in the cart.i


The chips read 100% full when they are new. The only time they reset is when the Epson printer indicates the cart is empty and you remove it and replace it. Regardless of whether you put more ink in it or not, the chip resets to 100% full. Depending upon your habits which may include filling carts before they are empty, the Status Monitor and the actual contents of the carts may not be in sync.

The only way to keep them in sync is wait for the red light to indicate the cartridge is near empty, remove, refill, and replace.

Otherwise, you can use an optional chip resetter at any time you wish.