Losing density in first 6 mm(1/4 inch)


I appear to be losing density in the leading edge (as printed) of my negatives. As you can see by the attached images the finished print has a band across the top which is quite lighter before it begins to print at the correct density. On the screen in print tools there is no band as you can see by the other image. The 8 x10 image is printed on 11x17 Pictorio so there is about 75 mm (3 inch) free space. I did put a strip across the top about an 1/2 above the image so the printer would start the ink flowing as I first thought the ink was just takings its time to come through but this never resolved the issue.

Thoughts ?





This is weird. My first thought was that your image is too close to the leading edge but with 3 inches that is clearly not it! One other thing that comes to mind - it’s a long shot - is to check your channels panel to see if there are any stray alpha channels. I think I remember having a similar problem once for which deleting that was the solution.


Thank Keith, no alfa channel to be found. I’ll add a 8 mm black strip to the top and see if it happen through that , if it does at least the original image is correct.




What model printer are you using?



Sorry, it’s a 1430, and so far can only find examples of it on 8x10 images.



I suggest printing a gradient from dark to light (this will make the all channels print) before hitting the image and cutting the neg out if you need it clear. The may cause a neg line if cutting but . . .






Yes, i was thinking about putting my 21 step wedge across the top instead of a 1 inch below. Your gradient sound better. I see how it goes and weather I can work out a pattern to the issue. Thanks



Well that seem to work, just putting a white boarder around the negative didn’t work, but putting a black to white graduation on the leading edge did. Still would like to know why.




This is an issue with the way the small-format microweave is built inside of Gutenprint (the open-source code that QTR is built on top of).



What, with 3.5 inch of OHP before printing starts? I knew there was an issue with 2 inches or is that another issue again?