Lines on digital Neg

Hello ,


i have stripes/lines on my digital negative: the show up in the final print, you can see the density differences.

One can read the stripes best on the backside of the negative(photo no1) the bands are 1-1,5 cm wide, soft edge and not completely regular , but spread over the whole negative…they run parallel to the printhead

On the emulsion-side they are hard to distinguish. (photo no)2… In the carbon print they show up…

what could be the cause?

workflow: epson 9800, Selenium K7 inkset, Pictirico ultra premium OHP

Luc Brefeld


This looks like ink starvation of some sort. I’ve seen this crop up on 9900s but never n x800s before. Try setting a custom paper in the printer’s panel and setting the head delay to 5 seconds per pass.




Hello Walker,

September 25 I made a print, with a longer head delay of 5 seconds, as you suggested…First all seemed right, now it seems to me that after several days the lines , described above, slowly appear…

Any idea what could be the cause?

After several day of drying? or several days of making more negatives . . .




after several days of drying…6 days now. After the first neg i printed 2 more, they also have the lines.

1-3 days after the printing everything seems ok, but now after 6 days i can see the lines, as in attachment 1…

the slowly appear…