Linearizing with remapped channels

I’m linearizing a curve prior to making ICCs, and I’m confused about what to do when working a printer that has remapped channels.

My 9900 has the Y channel remapped to the GY. The yellow channel has piezoflush in it. My green channel has Warm Light in it. The warm curves are K4 and the cool curves are K5.

In 2017 Walker built me a remapper for Y → GR. Back then, i took a Photo Rag warm curve from the 9900-K4 folder, remapped it, did the linearizations with the Google sheet and printed with the curve.

So now, I’ve bought the Piezography Pro tool 2 and am linearizing the curve I made back in 2017 with the 256 target/Colorport/Isis. After dry down, reading the target, and pasting the values in the Measurements tab, i made a test print with the Proof of Piezo image - its very dark and definitely on the cool side.

Do I need to remap the new warm curve that is generated in the “New Curve” tab, or is this not needed because I’m linearizing a curve that was already remapped?

Never mind, think i have this figured out - my mistake.

I forgot that when our original 9900 died a few years ago we got a new 9900 that had a different re-mapping setup to make it into a dual black ink printer (putting PK on the Orange slot so no need to swap between MK and PK). So I was trying to linearize a curve for the old printer with the Y > GR remap.