Linearizing the 51 step .quad


I’ve made some progress, but have run into a new problem: I’m at the “51 Steps, Linearize the .Quad” stage. When I attempt to drag and drop the .quad file and the .txt file jointly into QRT-Linearize-Quad the notepad opens and I get an error message to the effect that those two files cannot be found. I can open each of them in the notepad by themselves – that is, one a time, but the second overwrites the first, and, having done that, nothing else happens. I have tried Copy & Paste which doesn’t work. Do you have a suggestion?



Can you upload screenshots of these two files?





Do you want the contents of each of the files as they appear in the notepad? Or the way they appear in the Quad 4480 file?


Go ahead and upload the .txt file and .quad you want to linearize.




[attachment file=26592]

Apparently the .QUAD file cannot be uploaded.

51-K7-Type5-01-11-17.txt (1.96 KB)


zip it and this will let you upload.



[attachment file=26599] (2.57 KB)


I selected both and dragged them over the QTR-Linearize-Quad icon and it linearized perfectly.

Maybe you have permissions problems?

Here’s the Lin’d .quad (2.85 KB)


Thanks, Walker. I’ll check out the permissions issue.