Linearizing problem Dn2 curve in PiezoPro

Hi Walker.
I get a very weird negative from my first lin curve.
I have a Dn2-curve as a starting curve, this has been mapped to K-channel NULL and Y-channel K.
Will I have to do something with this before I put it into Piezography Professional ?
Is the resulting new curve a Pro-curve or a Dn2-curve ?
I will enclose a screenshot of PiezoPro, a picture of the neg, the starting curve, measurements and the new curve.
Or I tried to do this, but I got a message “permission denied”.
Do you want me to PM you these files instead ?


This is not a pro curve. Do you have pro ink installed?

If so, start with a pro curve found in (your printer) PiezoDN-PRO folder.


No it is not a pro curve.
In my 4800 printer I have the selenium tone inkset.
The curve is one that you helped me make at the workshop as a starting curve for Malde-Ware.

My question is : When I put it into the calculating programme as a starting curve do I have to change it in any way ?
Because when I don’t, I get this very weird negative.

In short: when I use a Dn2 curve which is remapped for 4800printer will I get a useable curve straight out of the program or will it have to be remapped in any way ?

Sorry for the confusion about the 9900printer. I am in a bit of trouble here and I am trying to find several ways to get a useable linearisation.

In my 9900 printer I have pro inks. Do you think it is better to use that one instead ?
If so, how do I remap the K4 starting curve to my K5 printer ?