Linearization with Piezo Pro Inks

I re-read the Piezography Manual and I’m unsure what settings are needed for printing the 51 step target with PiezoPro inks.

When I print the 51 Step Target for linearization of the curve, does it matter what curve (cool, neutral or warm) I select for Shadows, midtones, and highlights? The manual shows printing the target with one curve for the Carbon inkset.


Since PiezoPro involves a possibility of 3 curves, Do I need to individually linearize each of the three (Warm, neutral and cool) for each selecting 100% to the shadows, midtowns, and highlights? IF so, will then any various combination of the three in shadows, mids, and highlights automatically create a tonal range that remain linear?

Each curve (warm and cool) should be linearize individually as the underlying architectures are different for the different hues. The neutral curve is actually just a curve that has been made from a combination cool and warm curves created using the curve blender tool but to keep it simple I suggest linearizing all three curves.

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Since some equivalent shades of warm and cool inks don’t have the same L values, what blend settings do I need for “neutral” in shadows, midtones, and highlites?

I know it’s bad when someone answers their own question. I think I had my brain in neutral on the neutral curve blending question. It surely is because I’m attempting Curve Linearization after only making three prints. Once I got there it was obvious to print the neutral target with the neutral curve at 100%-100%-100%.

I hope this question is not as foolish as the last. The manual shows the settings in Print-Tool and the default driver settings for QuadToneRIP in the flyout menu. But when I change QuadToneRIP to Printer Features, Matte Paper was selected. I assumed since I was linearizing a Baryta paper, I should change that to Photo Paper. Then switch it back to Matte Paper for the Photo Rag. — Correct?