Linearization Problem with PPE 2.0.9


I’m working with PPE v2.0.9 for the first time, linearizing NK inks in a 1430 on John Cone Studio Type 2, printing through QTR via Print Tool on a Mac.

Quick result. The first target prints fine, though slightly off from linear. I produce a new, linearized curve, install and print with that, and the resulting target is mostly black with a ton of ink laid down on the paper.

One note: The .quad (K6-JonConeStudioType2) that I printed with, and open to place into the “Starting Curve” tab on PPE has 1548 lines in it. The “New Curve” that I copy out of PPE to make the replacement .quad has 2062 lines. I’ve done this twice and get the same result each time.

Longer description of process:
I print a Piezography 129 step target through Print Tool - no color management, selecting the correct .quad - printed at 16 bit, highest resolution and uni directional. Let dry overnight. Read with my i1Pro using ColorPort and save the file.

I open PPE v2.0.9 (with Excel v16.16.3), open the saved data from the target and copy it into the “Measurements” tab. I open the .quad I used to print the target using Sublime Text, copy and paste the data into the “Starting Curve” tab. I adjust the Smmothing and Smoothing Boost to the lowest numbers that provide a slightly wavy line in the Home tab window.

Switching over to the “New Curve” tab I copy out the data (which has more lines that the original .quad) and paste the new curve into Sublime Text and save as with a new name and .quad suffix. I run the install script, restart Print Tool, choose the new .quad and print a new target to check my work. The new target is grossly over-inked and just plain terrible.

targets 1st and 2nd below

I’ve done this twice and gotten the same result. I’m stumped at this point.



You have a permissions issue.

Re-install QuadtoneRIP, it will fix permissions.

Worst case run this command from terminal:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone



That worked!