Linearization Problem with PPE 2.0.9


I’m working with PPE v2.0.9 for the first time, linearizing NK inks in a 1430 on John Cone Studio Type 2, printing through QTR via Print Tool on a Mac.

Quick result. The first target prints fine, though slightly off from linear. I produce a new, linearized curve, install and print with that, and the resulting target is mostly black with a ton of ink laid down on the paper.

One note: The .quad (K6-JonConeStudioType2) that I printed with, and open to place into the “Starting Curve” tab on PPE has 1548 lines in it. The “New Curve” that I copy out of PPE to make the replacement .quad has 2062 lines. I’ve done this twice and get the same result each time.

Longer description of process:
I print a Piezography 129 step target through Print Tool - no color management, selecting the correct .quad - printed at 16 bit, highest resolution and uni directional. Let dry overnight. Read with my i1Pro using ColorPort and save the file.

I open PPE v2.0.9 (with Excel v16.16.3), open the saved data from the target and copy it into the “Measurements” tab. I open the .quad I used to print the target using Sublime Text, copy and paste the data into the “Starting Curve” tab. I adjust the Smmothing and Smoothing Boost to the lowest numbers that provide a slightly wavy line in the Home tab window.

Switching over to the “New Curve” tab I copy out the data (which has more lines that the original .quad) and paste the new curve into Sublime Text and save as with a new name and .quad suffix. I run the install script, restart Print Tool, choose the new .quad and print a new target to check my work. The new target is grossly over-inked and just plain terrible.

targets 1st and 2nd below

I’ve done this twice and gotten the same result. I’m stumped at this point.



You have a permissions issue.

Re-install QuadtoneRIP, it will fix permissions.

Worst case run this command from terminal:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone



That worked!



I have to rescind my last post - I’m still having the same problem.

What I’ve done:
The tech folks at school upgraded my computer by wiping out everything and installing Mac OS 10.13.6
I reinstalled, from fresh downloads, QTR, Piezography Pro, Print Tool
I installed stock curves and printed target files from the Piezography folder. This works fine as in the 1st image above.
Read the output with i1Pro and used PPE 2.0.9 to produce a new curve, following directions exactly in PPE.
I installed the new curve and printed a new target, and it’s over-inked as shown in the 2nd image above.
I tried clearing out the quadtone folder in Library and running the terminal command above and reinstalling curves with the same result.
In case it’s helpful, I’ve zipped up a saved version of PPE with readings and starting curve in place, and the linearized curve file I installed.



So something with the school’s policy is screwing with your curve permissions.

Do this.

  1. make the new curve, save to desktop.
  2. Getinfo on this curve and set permissions to read/write for everyone
  3. put in your curve folder.
  4. run install command.

FYI: I looked at your tool (deleted from this forum btw because some people who have access to this forum are not paying PPEv2 customers) and you need to pump your smoothing to 60/40 (ish).

Also it would be worth it to actually smooth the ink curves too at about 50.

I say this because things where getting a little wiggly in the ink curve/measurements and this results in gradient banding.



I’m sorry to have posted the PPE tool! Bad move on my part.

I’m still getting the same result.

I thought, after reading your post, that I knew what my problem was.

There is a student account on this machine with limited privileges, and an administrator account that I have access to. I was installing the curves from the admin account, but producing the curves in the student account. Checking the permissions on my curve I could see that there was a difference between the stock curves and the one I was producing.

So I switched to the admin account, copied the New Curve from PPE (with the additional smoothing as recommended) and saved the curve, I wiped out the contents of the 1430 folder in Library>Printers>QTR>quadtone and reinstalled my curves from the admin account.

I made a screen shot of the results of Get Info (left to right) for:
A stock curve for Photo Rag In the Piezography>1…430 folder
My curve for Photo Rag In the Piezography>…>f1430 folder
The quadtone folder in Library>Printers>QTR
The stock curve as it exists in the quadtone folder
My curve in the quadtone folder.

TIA for any help,



Please upload the trouble .quad. I’d like to take a look at it.


Here it is.


14xx-NU-UHD-HahPTO181213.quad (7.4 KB)


Found the problem. You had old data from a previous x8 channel curve in your starting curve area. This is why it’s important to select the entire “starting curve” column and clear contents.

Needs to end at 1544.


Here’s the fixed 1430 curve.

14xx-NU-UHD-HahPTO181213.quad (5.8 KB)


I mentioned in my original post that the New Curve tab in PPE had more lines in it than the Starting Curve tab.

I just redid the the process starting with a clean copy of PPE
I made double sure that Starting Curve had no data by clearing and then scrolling until the sheet ran out - no data.
Starting Curve has 1543 lines.
Measurements has 129 lines (I used the 129 target)
New Curve has 2057 lines.



You are correct. This is a bug that should not be happening. Expect a fix by the PM.

Version bump going to 2.1



Hi Walker,

Did you get the chance to clean up the bug in PPE 2.0.9? I’m not seeing 2.1 on the download page yet.



I’m bumping this topic in the hopes that you’ll get to posting PPE 2.1 before your much deserved winter break.

Thanks and happy holidays!