Linearization issue?


The image on the left is the 129 Spyder target printed on Type5 paper using the x8xx-Cone-Type5-Cool curve. The image on the right is the same 129 Spyder target printed on type5 paper using the linearized curve (JCT5_7880Pro-Cool_HD-PK_20181201); this curve has not yet been measured. The linearized .quad was built using PPTool v2.0.3. Printer is 7880, Pro inks installed w/ HD-PK and GCO.

Here is the measurement data from the left image:

JCT5, x8xx-Cone-Type5-Cool, HD-PK, 2.txt (2.1 KB)

Here is the .quad created from the linearization workflow (reference image on the right above). Smoothing amount = 80%; smoothing boost=25%.

JCT5_7880Pro-Cool_HD-PK_20181201.quad (4.2 KB)

I have not yet measured and plotted the image on the right (printed with the linearized curve JCT5_7880Pro-Cool_HD-PK_20181201.quad).

Here are the two .quads opened in QTR-CurveView. It appears that the linearized .quad did not print the GCO (LLK channel) - visually examining the print confirms this.

Another odd thing is that the linearized .quad CurveView has LK=300 and yet it does not show up in the graph.

Here is a screen shot of the two .quads in QTR-CurveView:


OK, what did I do wrong?

Download the most recent version. I believe the 2.0.3 did not have the full “New Curve” column selected (as noted in my change log in the download page).


2.0.9 appears to have solved the problem (Visually, the linearized 129 step chart looks good. GCO was applied. I will wait 24 hours before measuring the data.)

Thanks for taking time out on your Saturday to reply to my post.