linearization 51 steps problem

Hello Walker,


Let me first introduce myself, Luc Brefeld living in the Netherlands, member since half a year.

My equipment is Epson pro 9880, using Selenium K7 inks, printing on Jon Cone type 5.

I have trouble performing my first linearization: i follow the steps written in the DeLuxe 2016 manual,

i take the readings with the Colormunki, letting the 51 steps target dry for one night.

i tried to linearize 2 curves: K7-WN-SEL-NU-type5.quad and the x800-x880-gloss-master.quad…

on both 51 steps target the last, most dark target gave a higher reading the field 50.

i corrected the numbers so there were no more " false numbers" in the list.

after conversion to a text-file i dragged the curve and the text-file onto the QTR-linearize quad.

the error on both attempts was: “invalid linearize curve, not constantly increasing”

Did i do something wrong, changing the numbers? i will include both curves and text-files and out.txt file

(i must say the x800-x880-gloss-master.quad i printed from another laptop, it does not show up in the list of curves…it is in my 9880-K7 folder and i think i installed it right…see last screen grab)

Kind Regards,


Luc (336 KB) (336 KB)


Dear Luc. You will need to send this data through the Piezography Error Corrector. I’m sending you the link to that as it may have hit your spam box.


Check your email.