linear "scratch" lines on pictorico ultra premium OHP film

I am wondering if anyone has seen this problem on their large format 7880, or equivalent, printer and has a solution.

Here is the situation and problem:

I printed a 21 step target on 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of pictorico ultra premium ohp film using my 7880 with pro inks and HD PK. The target was printed on the correct side of the film. I noticed on the non-printed side of the film long, thin, “scratch” lines. These lines are very thin (needle like) and run the entire long length of the film (the same direction the film moves through the printer) and are evenly spaced about 3/4" apart. At some of the 3/4" intervals there appears to be more than one line, i.e. two in parallel very close together.

I have not yet contact printed this target to see if they show up on the print but I’d like to eliminate this problem going forward.

thank you!

This can happen if your vacuum is set too high.

Backing the film with another piece of paper gets rid of them too.



Thanks Walker.

I’ll check the vacuum setting and give that a try. As you suggest using a backing sheet works well it is just another step, :-).