Limiting of master PiezoDN .quad


I have a question about the method for limiting PiezoDN .quads on page 80 of the PiezoDN Manual since I am having trouble with the method.

Beginning on p. 35 of the New Piezography User’s Manual (06/30/14), a method of limiting the output to an alternative process in order decrease the density range (3.0) from Methodology 3 to a density range of about 1.7 for silver is discussed. The method uses a decrease in output for both dMin and dMax to decrease the density range in order to match it to my alternative process.

The above seem quite rational, but requires a decrease in output. The limiting method discussed on page 80 of the PiezoDN Manual is unclear to me. I note that the output in the Piezography Curve Adjustment tool prevents manipulation of the dMax and dMin (requires password to unlock).

I would like to unlock the 2 endpoints in order to decrease the density range. Is this a good approach? Is there anything in the macro-enabled workbook that would be problematic? I need a password to do this.



PiezoDN is limited in entirely different ways. There is a long discussion on limiting on this forum (like third or fourth thread posted) about this. End-points do not need to change. The dMax of the neg produces white (from 2 through 4.6) the dMin of the neg is simply the blank clear OHP film (.053). The “limiting” process in PiezoDN effects the SECOND (and corresponding) tones from whitest white to make them have measurable density. These are the critical densities, not the dMax density as long as it produces white in the print.