Limiting curve for cyanotype


Me again. So I have a nice 129 step linearizer target printed. I get a nice measurement.txt file from my i1pro 2. The problem is that A1 through C1 of the print have L values extremely close to one another, and some of the L values are not in decreasing order by a decimal point or two. Like A3 is 94.5 and A4 is 94.6. This causes an error when I drag the files to the QTR-Linearize-Quad app.

Should I just sort the columns in Excel?


Can you please post a screenshot of this?

You may need to limit your curve to get enough data in there or simply fudge the numbers a bit in the highlights to make the first linearization work where-in you could do a final linearization and get it perfect.



Sorry - I can’t figure out how to delete this post. I went back and read the instructions on the Smoother.xlsb, it says to manually change the value by +.1.

I will try that. And post again if it doesn’t work.