Last questions - 1




I carbon-printed my 1430-PiezoDN-Master-lin, which made the expected result.

Please forgive the coming invasion, I have a few last questions before I move and won’t have access to a darkroom for a long period of time…


It seems there is a K+C boost in the -Master.quad, and even int the -Master.quad-lin (little K left).

Do you confirm this?

Is it affecting only the 255 value?

Is it meant to get a denser border than safely prints clean white and/or paper white in the final print?

I don’t really mind it, but would it possible to “switch it off”?

Will the limiting + linearizing procedures preserve it (what if no K and little C are used)?






Yeah. This boost is meant to do a clean white border.

As posted in other parts of this forum, simply make a large canvas size with a black background to get a clear border around your negative.

Basically, with PiezoDN, what you see on your monitor is what you get in your darkroom print. So a black border in your image will give a clear negative and black border in your darkroom print (thus enabling brush strokes).