labeling problem with Piezo Pro ink set

I just received my set of Pro inks and started filling up new ink cartridges, when I noticed a mixup with the labels on the 60ml ink bottles.

I received 3 bottles labeled “Warm Tone Dark Gray”, and two labeled “Warm Tone Light Gray”. However, the SKU numbers underneath the labels are different on each bottle. Looking at the SKUs, it seems possible that I have all the right inks, and only some of the labels are wrong. But maybe not. I just want to be sure before I fill up the rest of the carts.

Here’s what they say – photos are attached below:

Warm Tone Light Gray (PZPRO-WT-LG-60)

Warm Tone Light Gray (PZPRO-WT-MG-60)

Warm Tone Dark Gray (PZPRO-WT-DG-60)

Cool Tone Light Gray (PZPRO-CT-LG-60)

Warm Tone Dark Gray (PZPRO-CT-MG-60)

Warm Tone Dark Gray (PZPRO-CT-DG-60)

[attachment file=29947]

[attachment file=29948]

[attachment file=29949]

Shit. We’re on it as flash emergency tomorrow morning.

Thanks for this. Please do not fill printer. Sorting out now.



I’ll wait for further instructions.

Confirmed. You can fill from the SKUs (smaller letters starting with PZPRO) These are correctly identifying the shades.

We’ve pulled ALL 60mL stock and are re-labeling. Yikes.




Thanks! Finished loading the printer with Pro inks (converted from K7 Neutral), did an init fill to flush the lines, and made a few test prints with different split tone mixes. Will also print some targets for linearization.