LAB target for p800 ink purge


I’m seeing residual ink after converting to Piezography in my P800. I’ve printed a couple purge files of the Y, M, LM channels through QTR in calibration mode. This has helped tremendously but I am wondering what LAB numbers I should be trying to reach to ensure I have fully purged the color ink. I am using the Selenium ink set on Type 2 paper. My understanding is I want the AB numbers from the LAB readings to be as close to one another as possible. However, I understand the ink set does have a tone to it and I’m not entirely sure what that tone should be. I’m wondering if I have residual ink in the Y, M, LM channels or if I have successfully purged all the color ink. Thanks!


Selenium is a warm-neutral (shadows) to neutral-magenta ink-set split just like what happens when you selenium-tone a paper like Ilford MG IV from the darkroom.