I printed out 52 step and read via iPro and then am supposed to open the LAB* VIA"CUSTOM cgats" option. After reading the chart I “saved” (though could not find again to save my mental health-care); but could NOT discover the magical “Custom CGATS”. The reading, saved files are in the I1Profiler but am now wondering where the CGATS … HUMMMMmmmmmmmmm…

Anyone there outside my pinhead thinking that might help?

Is this a Piezo DN question or PiezoPro? For PiezoDN you should be using a 129-step target, and the CGATS is one the second tab in the Excel Smoother tool. For PiezoPro, I don’t know, but I bet you’d have better luck in the PiezoPro forum. :wink:

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Dear James, you reached out to me in many different ways all during the weekend. Sorry for the delay.

I think you’ll need to call on Monday as your confusion seems to be more around saving and opening files on your system rather than the tools themselves. It’s hard to pin-point issues with save/open on individual systems on a forum, better in person. I’ll be at InkjetMall around 9am Eastern Standard Time.