L*a*b* values for Piezopro inks


After flushing my 9900, swapping out the selector unit, and then doing 1 init fill with pro inks, I’m wondering how to tell if I have residual pink stain in the lighter shades. I definitely had some pink cast in the gloss, but printed a purge image for that channel until it cleared.

But, I’m unsure if there’s some pink left in the lighter ink shades. I’m not sure what the correct color for the ink shades should be once any pink stains are removed. I printed out a QTR ink separation image and see if there appears to be a pink stain in some of the light shades. None of the patches look pinkish, but when I print an image with the neutral curve setting, the highlights look pink.

Is there a lab* value for these patches that can be referenced? I think I saw an article on this subject a few years back that had lab* values of the calibration image printed on HPR 308.