Kudos for the system :)


This week I was working with silver gelatin, limiting and then linearizing my outputs. Then I made a neg and made 1 print from it with those settings. You can’t really tell from the iPhone photo (the print gets a little blown out), but the print is a dead on match to my screen. I get so geeked out over this stuff! Very cool.


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FYI, as you nodoubt have recognized by now, Pro inks aren’t “the best” silver neg makers vis a vis dots. This is somewhat specific to the 9900 and somewhat specific to how much pressure you use with contact plate and also if you calibrate with a filter.

I’m working on a new master curve that should help this, but what may need to happen is well is use pictorico white film with a 00 filter.l and ever-so-slightly less pressure.



Thanks, Walker. I actually settled on Grade 1 for my silver gelatin prints. At lesser contrast, I found a loss in sharpness at exposures that achieved max black. I’m using a K7 warm set on my 3880. Haven’t tried Latitude’s pro inks for silver negs, yet.