Keep getting *-out.txt with QTR-linearize-quad... what am I missing?

Hi all!

I’m trying to linearize my palladium process, based off the *master.quad. Whenever I add the measurements and the *.quad to the qtr-linearize-quad droplet, I get a *-out.txt file. I opened up the spreadsheet to see what I can glean from the file, as I’ve read elsewhere on this forum that the *-out file is diagnostic, and there are three lines where I see #NAME?

I can’t find information on this error? I’ve tried reinstalling the printer, per the instructions, and redoing the measurements, but I still get the failure. Can someone enlighten me about what this is and how I resolve it

I’ve included my measurements and the measurements-out file created by QTR.

Thank you!


n2_palladium_measurements_v3.txt (4.7 KB) n2_palladium_measurements_v3-out.txt (11.5 KB)

Place the smoothed measurements + the .quad file on the desktop (or in a folder you have read/write access to) then run them over the droplet. This will create the -lin.quad


I copied them to the desktop, then dragged/dropped over the droplet… it still created the *-out file, just it’s on the desktop now :slight_smile:

please share screenshots.


you see to the left, the two files on the desktop, and on the right, the QTR droplet. The n2_palladium quad is a duplicate of the master quad (I didn’t want to be messing with the original). When I drag the two files, the quad and the measurements.txt to the droplet, I get the *-out file. In that, the only issue I can see is the following:

You can see the #NAME errors… not sure what that is. If I use the actual *master.quad instead of the duplicate, I get no file at all, not even the -out file.


uhoh. Do you have Big Sur installed or the M1 chip? This might be causing the problem. I validated your measurement file linearized against a .quad and it created the -lin.quad on an old Mac but not on my M1 Big Sur MacBook. We may need to file this bug at the QuadtoneRIP forum.


No, its Mojave on a 2017 MacBook Pro, version 10.14.6

The QTR version is, is that a possible issue? Should I be trying a different version?

Yes you need to the Catalina version!


Upgraded to Catalina, tried the drag and drop, still no result… I get the *-out file with the same #NAME? failure… anything else you can think of?

The name failure is not present in txt editor so that is not the issue. The issue is that it’s not creating a -lin.quad file. If you have aliases on your desktop it will not work. Copy/paste to desktop of the .quad and .txt measure file works.

Beyond this I can only think that it is some security issue that is causing the problem as I was able to take your target measurement file above and a .quad and linearize just fine.