kallitype curves


I set up a 3880 for using the DN system.

Do you guys have any starter curves for the kallitype process?

I will be making prints on the Hah Plat rag and toning them with plat-palladium, gold, and other split toned options.

If you haven’t made one, which existing curve would be the closest?

thanks, John



John, that is almost exactly what I’m printing as well. Except for gold.

If you’re asking what curve to use as a starting point for calibrating your negs for the toned kallitypes I used the Master curve in the package that comes within the PiezoDN curves. Then it’ll be better to use the one you created after calibration.




the platinum one is pretty close, they are very similar processes.

I would think the Van Dyke curve would be closer because the actual process with silver nitrate is much closer than Kallitype and Platinum, but possibly the curves are less the same. Unless someone has a kallitype curve they won’t to share I think I’ll use the master one to start.



Sorry for the late reply on this. (weekend)

Generally, I would just start w/ the Master curve (if not already specified) as this is the least messed with.


One’s individual darkroom/paper/exposing-unit etc throws enough variance into the whole shebang to make starter curves almost useless. I’m working on v3 of PiezoDN that will include some really researched starting density slopes for alt-process families but until then I would calibrate your Kal. process from the master. If this were a different thing (gum for example) I would start with the cyanotype curve which is way less contrasty.




@deanwork @pkolodny

I’m tagging both of you to let you know that we now have a curve exchange here: https://forums.piezography.com/c/the-curve-exchange

Good curves that go up there I will include in the PiezoDN distro (with full credit to the author of course!!)


thank you Walker, I’ll be back at this by the end of the month when I’m back from our brother country Uruguay where I’m teaching some few printing workshops and even some of the PiezoDN too.

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