K7 vs. Pro set on 9880


Because this is ultimately a PiezoDN question thought I should post here. I’ve been using k7 insets, selenium and carbon, on my 2 9880’s for a long time. Both use WM1 and will print both matte and glossy. The matte DMax always seemed adequate to me, so why not. Since PiezoDN for k7 became available I’ve been using the selenium printer to output both palladium and silver negatives with very good results using the calibration tools. The silver output I’ve become quite partial too and don’t want to compromise that aspect. Also I’ve tested the new MatteHD ink on a 1430 and see an advantage of that for matte papers. So I’m considering reconfiguring the 2 9880’s to a P2 inkset using both the PK and the new MatteHD. Seems the glossy printer wouldn’t compromise any PiezoDN output but also see the possibility of converting both printers to Pro , one with the MatteHD and the other with PKHD , thinking that I could use the PKHD printer for the Dneg output. A Pro set up would be better utilization of the current carbon printer as I mostly use the selenium. Will I still have same level of success with the Digital negative output that I’ve achieved using the old k7? Will a 8 channel Pro printer have the same or better tonality a k7 set has. My sense is that a 11 channel Pro certainly would but what about the smaller 8? I really want to stick to my tried and true 9880’s. I don’t see the newer 11 channel printers a palatable option .Sorry for being so long winded. Any thoughts?

Mark Sonners




Right now K6/K7 are better for digital negs. I believe this may change when the new Piezography Driver comes out. So it’s probably a matter of time. Walker could confirm of course, but this has been my experience having used both ink sets.


new piezo driver will enable proper pro dig negs.


Sounds like a safe upgrade for the 2 printers would be moving to a k6 P2 inkset for the 2 printers utilizing HDMK and keep WM1 for the PK position for now. 1st I’ve heard any mention of a new driver to replace QTR. Is this something that will be released soon? Will it have advantages for K7, K6 sets also?



You will be able to simply choose your media types and inkset in the driver. (see attached)

This driver is a very initial beta phase. We are still testing it. It will drop for the PiezoDN group as beta before it goes anywhere else because of the requirements of incredibly precise dot placement and resolution for dig-negs.

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Looking good! :slight_smile:

@Mark, I have a sense it won’t be too long for this new driver, and as I understand it, quality (resolution) will go up on all Piezography ink sets & workflows.