Is the Epson P400 a supported printer?

Two days ago, I posted about a QTRGui error. Since I haven’t gotten any replies, I’m beginning to suspect that the Epson P400, which I purchased on the recommendation of folks at inkjetmall, is not yet fully supported. Or rather, it may be supported by piezoDN, since there are .quad curves for it in piezoDN v2.5, but it is not supported by QuadToneRIP, since there is no ppd file for the p400 in QTR 2.7.8.

The above statements reflect my naive understanding of how QTR and piezoDN fit together, so I may be wrong, but I would greatly appreciate some feedback one way or the other. Thank you!

EDIT: I got an email from Roy Harrington with the following: The P400 isn’t officially supported yet. However it’s the same at R2000. So use the folder name - QuadR2000-PiezoDNP2

Thanks to Roy, my problem is solved. I’m looking forward to official support for the P400.


Yeah, I let Roy know that the R2000 PPD should just be duplicated and renamed P400 but zero response from him so far . . . I might just create the PPD on my own and distribute it with piezography.




Roy emailed me to suggest that I simply use the R2000 ppd.

If the ppd file is distributed with the next release of QTR, I will simply re-run the QTR installer. According to the QTR documentation, re-installing QTR over an existing installation does the right thing; it adds new files to the correct location without disturbing existing files. Is the same true for piezoDN? I.e., if a newer version of piezoDN is released, do I just download it and run the InstallPiezoDNCurves.EXE that comes in the zip file? I can’t find anything about reinstalling in the piezoDN FAQ or the Piezography manual.

Is there a way to inspect the contents of a piezoDN release before installing it? Or even to tell which version you have? Normally I would expect to see the version number in the filename, or maybe in a README. It would also be nice to include a manifest (list of contents) that I users can inspect before installing.

The install pkg has the version number in it. There is several thousand files. Making a manifest each time is not ideal. It is a non-destructive install though and follows the readme pdf basically.




I looked but could not find the version number anywhere in the piezoDN package. Where is it?