Is the Datacolor SpyderPrint Specto adequate for linearizing ?


The Piezography Manual 2017 Deluxe Edition, section 9 Linearizing Piezography provides instructions for the following 3 spectros:

i1Pro Spectro & ColorPort Software
i1Pro Spectro & 11Profiler Software
ColorMunki Spectro & ColorPicker Software

I have a DataColor Spyder spectro with SpyderPrint software. Is this inadequate ?

Which spectro is recommended and why please ?

Thanks !


I noticed an earlier post in this forum where Walker recommended “I suggest getting a USED Photo basic. You don’t need any special licenses for RGB profiling, etc, just the ability to measure. These things (i1Prov1 and v2) can be found online for very little (comparatively) and they general work just fine.”

What are the actual names for i1Prov1 and v2 please ? I’d like to search for them used online if my existing spectro is inadequate.





i1Pro 1

i1Pro 2