iProfiler and iPro2


Another question during my route to master PiezoDN.

I’ve a full licence of iProfiler and have an iPro2 (and also an iPro).

When I try to read the PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro1.pwxf file in iProfiler I getting stuck.

I can print out 129 step tif on a OHP Ultra film and make a Pd print, according to your manual. No problem. When I want to measure this print with iProfiler my guess is that you want me to read it by using Printer and select either a ‘RGB’ or ‘CMYK’ device. In next step I think I should chose is ‘Measure Reference’ Chart. After this I’m suppose to hit the ‘Load’ button.

However, in the opened dialog window it is not possible to open your PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro1.pwxf file because this isn’t expected by iProfiler. I can only open files having extensions: txt, rmxf, xml. But not pwxf.

How should this be done? Obviously I must miss something.



Under RGB profiling (after clicking it) you can go to the far right bottom of the window and “Load Workflow”


pxfw are workflow files.





Ok now I understand. Piece by piece. Thank you //Christer