Installing PPE2

I will be installing PPE2 over an existing QTR and PiezoDN installation on Windows. Are there any special instructions? I assume the only documentation for PPE2 is in the videos.

When you run the installer it will be putting all the tools inside of >Programs x86>Piezography>Tools.

The tool you are looking for in-particular is Piezography Professional 2.1

Linearization video:


I thought the “tools” in PPE2 were mostly Excel spreadsheets. PiezoDN, has one .exe used to install curves. It is a standalone executable that can be run from anywhere, since it isn’t actually “installed” in Windows. The same is true of all the .exe’s in QTR. If so, there’s no reason anything needs to be in Program Files(x86). Doing so just complicates things for a Windows user. I installed QTR and PiezoDN using the desktop as my install directory, and they work just fine.

I hope the PPE2 installer will allow me to specify an install directory.

The installer allows for a different directory to be chosen.


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