Installing PPE2 (again)


I have searched this site for information about installing PPE2 (something on the order of “Getting Started”), and I have not found anything.

I currently have QTR and PiezoDN installed on my Windows PC. My immediate goal is to start using the professional tools to make digital negatives. Do I just run the PPE2 installer and I’m good to go?

Section 2 of The Piezography Manual ( 2017 Deluxe Edition) talks about installing PPE (PPE1, that is). The manual says that you must first install the Community Edition before installing PPE. The manual talks about custom-built spreadsheets on a Google drive. Is this information also relevant to PPE2?


I shared this link already with you on another thread so I have no idea why you didn’t see it.

But here is the video (link) again:

All of those links are also in the Delux 2018 manual PDF on the Calibrating Piezography section (along with screenshots, etc). So you’re probably looking at a different version of the manual (2017 or 2016).



Yes, I saw the link, and I watched all the videos before deciding to buy PPE2. Nowhere in the videos do you demo the actual installation of the package. You start right off with calibrating a curve.

Where is the “Deluxe 2018 manual PDF”? I have the 2017 manual. The latest download of the Community Edition for Windows contains the 2017 manual. Maybe there’s a 2018 manual in the Mac version, but I can’t open Mac pkg files. If it’s somewhere else, please send me a link. If it’s only in the Mac version, would you send me a pdf? Thanks.


How to install (any) program in windows.

See screenshots:

  1. Double click installer.

  2. Choose a location (or not) click install.

  3. Go to location of the installation. There is a folder called “Documentation” which has the 2018 manual in it.

Not sure how else I can help here . . . . . .


I just got finished upgrading two Windows 7 PCs to Windows 10 and re-installing 33 programs, so I think I know how it’s done.

Also, I would not describe your Windows software as typical. For example, the Windows version of PiezoDN depends on the location of the previously-installed QuadToneRIP. I was just curious if PPE2 had that kind of dependency.

I’m glad to see the manuals are in the install package. Maybe you should note that on the download page.


The Windows version of PPE2 should be distributed as a zip file. Let the user unzip it wherever he wants! Yes, I know the installer gives you the opportunity to specify an install directory, but offering Program Files(x86) as the default makes no sense at all. Finally, when you distribute it as an .exe, Windows requires administrator permission.

Ditto for PiezoDN.


Same directory as QTR (and QTR curves mind you) This is multi-user accessible to all users of that machine (think schools with multi-user access in a windows environment. We have thousands of customers some of them large windows-only institutions so this was a request not my idea right off the bat). The trade-off I made was to give you the ability to install in your own home directory right of the bat.