Installing 3800-Pro over ethernet?



It seems the printer installers .pkg are designed for only USB connected printers. When I try to run the Quad3800-Pro.pkg I get an “ALERT! Unable to create curve folder /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/Quad3800-Pro”.

I also tried to install from the PiezographyCurvesBackup folder using the 3800-3880-Pro folder Install3800-Pro.command. I entered the correct IP address and a printer showed up in my system preferences / printer list but when I opened the QTR in Print Tool there were no curves.

How do I install the Quad3800-Pro.pkg over ethernet?




Solved. Thanks Walker!

fyi, for others. Per Walker’s recommendation I reinstalled QTR and then installed the 3800-3880-Pro folder in the piezography / curves folder.