Install 1430 issue


I was doing a clean install of the driver(s) again after replacing my 1430 for the third time and I also am getting the PiezoDN install error as reported in another post. Using the newest version of PiezoDN which should have the bug fixed. Help???


To what extend, complete removal from the system (from applications, etc)?


Console log



Is this what others see in their system profiler? That error (see last post) mentions not seeing a port.



Sorry for the delay Mark, I’m loading up some prints for a meeting this evening.

I just ran the installers again but I am using a Mac so things may be different for you.


This is a Mac also.



<span style=“color: #000000; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px;”>Just did a total OSX restore. Nothing changed.</span>


Do you have a regular QTR printer installed? I mean non-PiezoDN, installed from the QuadToneRIP folder rather than the Piezography folder.

I think something like this happened to me when I first started testing back in May. I was able to install the PiezoDN profiles by copying them to the relevant folder in QuadToneRIP>Profiles and running the install command from there, just like installing any new profile. It worked fine. Maybe worth a try.

When the public release came out I reinstalled and it worked normally with 2 separate drivers, Quad1430-K6 and Quad1430-PiezoDN. I just set up a 3880 in the same way without issue. (Knock wood!)

I just looked at your first attachment which I guess answers my question. If you want to try my suggestion, copy the .quad profiles from the 1430-PiezoDN folder to the 1430-K6 folder and run the install command again. They should then appear in the dropdown list along with all the rest of the 1430-K6 profiles.

I know this is a workaround, not a real solution to the problem, but it should at least get you going again.


Keith, that worked? Great workaround. Now I just need to figure out why I am getting scratches from the former pizza wheels holder on exit. Pretty sure it is snapped back in. Plus the backwards curl of Picorico that causes head strikes. I am coming from a large format world, this little cheap printer is very badly designed.


I had to reinstall Print Tool and QTR before mine would work


Removed and reinstalled QTR. Also did a printer reset in System Prefs. Still getting install error.