Ink sets for B&W and DN

I currently have a 3880 set up with the selenium PZK7 inks that I have dedicated to digital negative printing on pictorico premium. I need a couple of replacement cartridges.

I also have a P800 set up with the PZPRo ink sets for b&w printing.

In looking through the Inkjetmall online catalog, it seems I may be able to do all of my Piezography printing on the P800, and do something else with the 3880.

Am I correct about this? Are their any advantages to the selenium inkset over the PZPro inkset, especially on pictorico film.

Thank you for your help. I get a little lost in all of the choices offered.

PZPRO is better with PiezoDN now I think.

Both printers work equally well though. So you can use either!!