Ink Sets for 9890 and P9000


Following up on my previous posts here about issues with my 9880, it appears that I need to buy a new printer.

I am considering either a 9890 refurbished with a new printhead and pump cap station, or a P9000 or P8000 (which I understand to be identical machines except for the number of print channels and corresponding nozzles on the printhead.)

I have several questions regarding the use of these printer with Cone Inks:

  1. Will Epson honor their 1 year purchase warranty or extended warraties, if I use Cone inks?

  2. I have read it helps prevent nozzle clogs if carts are kept continually topped off. Is this true with your new carts that have the collapsable plastic inserts? In other words, am I likely to get fewer nozzle clogs if I keep 700 ml of ink in your new carts?

  3. I understand the cart chips on the 9890 can be reset, but for the P9000 or 8000 printers, I must buy a $50 chip per channel every time the P9000 or P8000 printers indicate a cart is low? Can you ever reuse a chip series?

  4. On a P9000 or P8000, if I have channels with Piezo Flush that are mapped out in Piezo Pro, will the printer still indicate the carts are low and require that I change the chip?

  5. If I am not using gloss or the HD PK ink in the Piezo Pro ink set, would you recommend I purchase the Epson 8000 over the P9000? (BH Photo is currently selling the P8000 for $1000 less than the P9000.)

  6. Are the K7 inks being completely discontinued, or will they be available only as a special order item? (I’ve used K7 neutral since it first became available.)

Thanks, Drew Harty

So far they have.

It does! We like to keep a minimum of 300mL of ink in there.

If you purchase the ink/chip combo the price for the chip is passed through, aka our cost is yours.

I will be making a piezo-pro combo one shortly.

I suggest the P9000 because it gives you extra channels and in the long run with Piezo will last you much longer (years) even if a channel dies.

They are not discontinued and we will continue to make them selectively. They will be a special order item in future however. There are currently some positions that are delayed ship as we have a backlog of fill for these inks.


Hi Walker,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Are you saying the P9000 will last much longer than the P8000 because it will give me 4 extra channels instead of 2 extra channels on the P8000 (assuming I use k7 inks or don’t use the gloss and Photo Black inks in the Piezo Pro ink set?

Or are you recommending the P9000 because mechanically you think it’s a better printer? I thought the P8000 and P9000 shared the same printhead technology and were identical machines, except for the two extra channels and more nozzles in the P9000.

Thanks, Drew

Forgot to ask:

Will you eventually be packaging chips with K7 bottles of individual inks for the P series printers?