Ink printing where it shouldn't be

Walker and others-

Bizarrely, all of a sudden multiple curves are printing ink on my 4880 (both P2 and DN) when they shouldn’t be. I noticed it when I printed a DN and the outside border (black) area of the print showed grey instead of nothing (see photo).

I checked the curve, it reads “0” for the 255 position in all 8 channels, and there are no missing lines in the quad file. I checked the image in Photoshop: the border is 255,255,255. I also printed the LLK purge images using both my DN curve and the P2 “PK-Master” curve, with same effect: grey was coming out of the LLK purge image, when I should have seen nothing or at a minimum some GO (right?). When I print with the GO-only curve, no ink comes out, just the GO as expected.

I’m not sure what to do next for troubleshooting. I have not updated any software lately, and I don’t allow Epson to update firmware. Do I maybe have a corrupted driver? Should I uninstall and reinstall the printers and/or QTR & PrintTool?

Other thoughts?





Please zip and upload the curves that you are using when this is printing grey.



Also, make sure you are printing with “No Color Management” selected in print Tool.



Thanks Walker. Attached as requested. I printed a DN last week, no problems, it just started the other day. “No Color Management” is selected. (3.73 KB) (3.2 KB)

Curves look ok. I think you need to re-install QTR, delete the printer, and re-install the printer/curves?


OK, that was my next step but I wanted to check with you all first. Thanks. -Mike