Ink marks on leading edge

Hi Walker and others
Running a 3800 with PiezoPro inks. Front loading sheets of Pictorico which are taped to card (sleds).
This set-up has been working well, printing a large volume of work for a client
Suddenly today, the head seems to be depositing a clump of ink right on the leading edge of the sheet as we start printing.
Always the ink spill at the same place.
Attached are pics, arrows show direction of sheets as they emerge from printer
I have tried cleaning everything and nozzle check looks good, but baffled, but it looks like head just dumps some ink at the same place on the lead edge everytime. Just as the print starts

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This indicates that the film is curled up.

  1. Tape a leading paper to the film.
  2. Change your paper size accordingly.
  3. Print a “black” image on that portion of the print (in Print-Tool) so there is no ink put down on the paper.

This will fix it.

Thanks Walker, I’ll try that
we did try taping down the leading edge and moving the image down on the ‘sled’ but will continue to experiment, thanks