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Newby here. I have 2 x Shade 1 ink bottles with the PiezoDN kit? Neutral shade 1 and Warm Neutral shade 1, which one is PK and MK. I don’t want to assume anything, thanks



got it, found the instruction sheet, :wink:



For those coming here with same question:








Figured I would try a reply here instead of starting a new thread as I believe my query is the same. I’ve just received the Piezo Selenium kit for my 1430. I’m missing HD Photo Black but I do have a Warm Neutral Shade 1, PZK7-WN-60-1. On the instructions (Epson 1400 Installation) I see no mention of Warm Neutral.

Is that the correct ink? I’m assuming @walkerblackwell 's WN1=PK stands for Warm Neutral 1 is the same as Photo Black, but I really want to doubly make sure before I install it.


WN1 is not HD Photo. Did you order the normal 1430 Selenium set or the one with HD Black specifically specified. Give us a call in the morning and we can do an RMA for you and get HD out asap . …

_That being said, if you are only doing dig negs, the WN1 works just fine and has even a little more density (opacity) than the HD-Photo. It’s just an older ink. Up to you.



We ordered the Selenium kit that came up when we hit buy by Printer, Artisan 1430, PiezoDN and it kicked us to another page where we selected Selenium. The receipt shows PIEZODN-SEL-60-KIT7HD. The description says its got the inks for PiezoDN and Matte Prints.

I plan on doing both prints and negs, and have filled one of the sets of cartridges. When I zoomed in on the photo of the cartridges on the “Photo Black Shade 1” bottle has the same part number as my ‘Warm Neutral Shade 1’ bottle which is PZK7-WN-60-1. I had assumed it was just a name change and filled the seventh cartridge, though I haven’t installed it in the printer yet. I have been experimenting with B&W Matte prints and was hoping to change the cartridge and get some test negatives out, but figure I’ll wait until a reply or call tomorrow morning.

If this isn’t the right one I should have been sent, would rather the right stuff. Especially if it’s going to give me issues with the PiezoDN curve set or will be discontinued in the future.

The other Shade 1 I have that IS in the instructions is the Ultra HD Matte Black PZPRO-HDMK-60 and has been quite impressive with the few B&W Matte prints I’ve made so far.

Thanks for the reply,


The WN1 is perfect for DNs. Don’t worry. When that is up though you are welcome to switch to the HD Photo Black if you want. That works as well (and is what we are slowly migrating too as the WN1 stock runs out.) But WN1 (aka, Piezography Photo Black Shade 1) is the original DN ink and is very good.



Thanks bud, I called this morning to double check what curves I should use now and when the shade 1 changes to the new ink in the future and Wells was going to check with you.



Just use the master (pd) curve from PiezoDN for dig-neg printing.