Ink Levels


I know its not a PiezoDN issue but how does the ink level detection work in ink carriages. I quite often lose an image because the printer stops half way due to low ink when the carriage is half full as shown in attached image. Common sense is telling me just to refill each before print but I shouldn’t have too should I? Does Epson use some level detection or does it do some (not so) clever volume calculation based on usage.






OK now to really piss me off even after filling and reset it still stopped halfway through… Time to look into new cartridges .


There is no relationship between the ink and the chip. There is no direct connection.
The chip when new reads 100% full.
The printer then counts the amount of drops printed or used in cleaning and writes back to the chip how full it is.
The chip can be auto-reset ONLY when the red light comes on in the printer indicating the cartridge needs replacing.
If you pull out the cartridge and reinsert it, it resets to 100% full.
At that time you were expected to refill it.
If you do not and the cartridge is empty, the chip which has auto-reset reads 100% full.

If you remove the cartridge before its time and fill it, the chip does not reset. If you want to do that, you need to purchase as chip resetter to reset the chip manually. This is covered in the instructions for the carts.


Also, if a chip resets and you pull the cart and refill and re-insert, the printer will continue printing where it left off.

The largest miss-conception about reset chips is that somehow there is a sensor in the cartridge itself that reads ink level. There is none. These chips are meant safely reset well before the ink is dangerously low in the cartridge so you never get air in the lines.





R3000 carts are super skimpy though . . . If you get our P600 CISS system and just pop your R3000 chips onto it that will work splendidly for the amount of printing you are doing.


Ok thanks, i didn’t really expect that the actual ink level was read, but interesting how the auto rest works, I’ve throw it all out of whack by topping up the ink when it wasn’t calling for it. I will top up and manually reset them if I can. I think there are two pin to do that.

I don’t use Inkjet mall carts in my 1430 because it takes the 81 series not the 79 series used in USA so I didnt get the instructions you refer to John.