Ink flowing backwards with 1430 CIS


Hey, an ideas on keeping the tubes full of ink when using the epson 1430 with the CIS connected? I have 1/3 ink in each canister. I have placed the printer flat on table and put the CIS on the box it came in as per instructions. Opened the air vents and I still can’t seem to keep the lines full. I will prime each one and it will work for a time or two but if I let it sit over night the tubes are showing gaps. Have tried closing the air vents when not using and have tried leaving them open. Have tried raising the CIS unit and have tried lowering it to table height.

Any ideas would be apreciatted!




The lines don’t always need to be full. If there is a tiny bit of air at the top of the cartridge (the part in the printer), this air may go into the lines occasionally while the printer is not printing. That does not mean that the bottom of the cartridge has air in it though!





Thanks Walker. I re-primed them and then ran a cleaning cycle which seemed to take care of the issue. After printing, I replugged the air holes and shut down. I will test it again tomorrow to see if it holds ink. The final negative that came out today was SWEET!

Also…THANK YOU JON for the idea of adding a strip to BOTH the beginning and end. I added about TWO inches to the beginning and THREE inches to the end…and I remembered to make a CUSTOM paper size in the dialogue box…in my case 8.5 x 16. That eliminated stray ink shots on the negative and also allowed the sheet to move completely through the printer without slipping and sliding at the end. Hope that helps some other people too.