Ink flaking off Photo Silk Baryta


Hi there,

Had some issues last week printing on Photo Silk Baryta with Pro inks - we experienced a lot of white spots and ink flaking off of a roll of Photo Silk Baryta. After this happened the first time, I double-checked the roll was clean and free of dust before printing/loading the roll into the machine (including lightly blowing off surface with compressed air). This didn’t solve the problem. Also made sure the underside of the roll cover was clean and dust free.

The flaking wasn’t always noticeable right after printing. But if we saw a small speck of dust and removed it by wiping with a clean microfiber cloth, or with softly blowing air from a rocketblower, a lot of specks would appear. It also happened when de-curling prints in the d-roller.

We then loaded same Photo Silk Baryta roll into our Canon 44" machine and printed away, did our normal workflow (trimming, de-rolling if necessary) etc. with no flaking issues.

The rest of our week’s printing on Platine and Photo Rag Baryta went fine with no flaking. Anyone else have this problem with Photo Silk Baryta? Maybe we had a bad roll, or an issue that presented itself in the first 10 feet of the roll that worked itself out.