Ink compatibility

I purchased Piezography2 / PiezoDN, Selenium tone, 60ml, set 8 (matte & glossy with HD options) for my P400 printer. If I decided to sell my printer and buy a different model, what printers could use these inks? I would be willing to take a loss on the printer, but prefer not to lose money on the inks. The bottles are still almost full.

Assuming you are not going to a 24" or larger, you’d be looking at the P600, P800, or if they can still be found 3880 or 1430, though the 1430 has only 6 channels.

The P800 is probably the most versatile, but the P600 has a smaller droplet size, 2pl vs 3.5pl, almost as small as the 1.5pl of the 1430 and P400.

Be sure to look at and study the adaptations for refillable carts since they are more difficult than the previous generation.